McNeill / Bunyan Garden    Tockington  Jan 2012

We were contacted by our client after they had seen us working in the area. They had a problem area in front of the house that was basically a large area of concrete and they wanted us to create some sort of water feature. The area consisted of three or four different levels so it was a challenge to create a special area enjoy to whilst making it connect well with the surrounding garden areas. A design was created!

We designed the area to incorporate the large amount of natural stone already on site from the previous owners' involvement in constructing the M32, (apparently a few churches were pulled down in the process!).

We faced the back wall with stone and used two large pig troughs to create the cascade. The middle of the concrete slab was removed and the large pool was dug out. We waterproofed the inside of the pool with fibre glass which worked superbly.

The surrounding paving was then laid and the two low side walls were constructed to define the area. Borders were created either side to soften the garden and provide a formal feel.

The result is a great space with tranquillity that links beautifully with the house and surrounding gardens

When the team arrived we just had a large slab of concrete outside our front door, we knew we wanted a pond but the garden was on so many different levels we could not visualise how to position what we wanted.In no time at all James arrived with a couple of designs drawn up. After discussing the project the team arrived and worked really hard, the end result was a magnificent pond and surrounding area, which blends in beautifully with our existing landscaping.We can highly recommend Littlescapes for both design and build.

Katie McNeill and Mark Bunyan