Clifton Park    Bristol  May 2013

This is a beautiful family garden in the centre of Clifton, Bristol.

Once again we were delighted to work alongside the The Hegarty Webber Partnership who designed it. The garden provides a fantastic space for the family as well as a large patio for entertaining and dining, constructed using Bristol Pennant stone flags.

A large part of the garden was given to the gravel drive ensuring that cars were able to park and turn comfortably within it. At the end of the drive is fairly formal area with central tree that will become a great focal point as it matures. The planting was dense and mainly used perennials which were grouped to provide interset and real impact. Low formal hedges were planted to create structure and provide definition at the front of the borders and through the seating area. Behind the formal area at the end of the drive is a screened trampoline area for the children to enjoy.