Celtic cross feature    Bristol Cathedral  Feb 2013

To be involved in this pretigious project was really special for us. Bob Latham designed this large stone cross which we then put together peice by peice and very slowly- most of the peices were 500kgs in weight and some were 225mm thick.

We excavated the central area at the rear of the Cathedral and put in a substantial base to take the huge weight of the cross. Each peice was then carefuly lifted into place and the cross was then constrcuted and jointed using traditional lime mortar to the instructions of the architect responsible for the Catherdal

We think it looks great and will provide a stunning focal point for this area for generations to come (and something to drive around, not over, for mums and dads dropping off children at the school!).

When complete the borders will be planted with lavender. The stone used was York Stone and quarried in Halifax.